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Matters of probate and trust administration can be complicated, especially if aspects of a decedent’s will, estate plan or the trust itself are being disputed. In fact, while probate and trust administration disputes can significantly delay the allocation of a decedent’s assets and, as a result, upset his final wishes, in the worst cases, these disputes can lead to costly litigation that can last for years and create devastating rifts between loved ones.

At Andrews Ersoff & Zantello, our skilled Bend and Lincoln City probate lawyers have extensive experience handling various matters of probate and trust administration. We are proficient in resolving any disputes that may arise in a manner that is as advantageous as possible for our clients.

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Guiding You Through Probate

Probate refers to the process of administering a decedent’s estate, including paying all estate taxes, resolving all debts the estate owes and allocating all of the leftover assets according to the terms of the will or, if there is no valid will in place, according to probate law. Although smaller estates or some assets may not have to go through probate, in general, larger estates with substantial property will have to be processed via probate, which is overseen by probate courts and which can be an involved and complicated process.

Trust Administration

If you have been named as the trustee of a trust, you will have a lot of responsibility in terms of overseeing that the trust is managed according to its specific terms.

Whether you have been entrusted to administer a simple or complex trust, our Bend and Lincoln City trust administration lawyers can help you:

  • Figure out and abide by the terms of the trust
  • Settle any debts that have been levied against the trust
  • Pay any taxes associated with the trust or a related estate plan
  • Develop and carry out amendments to the trust
  • Allocate assets to the trust’s beneficiaries
  • Keep detailed books regarding the transactions associated with the trust

Personalized Counsel for Trusts & Probate

Handling matters of probate and trust administration requires extreme care to avoid potentially long and costly litigation. Whether you have been named as a fiduciary or beneficiary in a will or as a trustee or beneficiary in a trust, the Bend and Lincoln City trust administration attorneys at Andrews Ersoff & Zantello can provide you with the support and professional legal assistance through every stage of the legal process.

Some of the specific probate and trust administration needs that our trusted attorneys are proficient at handling include issues related to:

  • Probate litigation
  • Allegations of breaching fiduciary responsibilities
  • Disputes involving contested wills

Our primary goal is to assist you in resolving your probate and trust administration matters as efficiently and favorably as possible so you and your family can focus on moving on with your life.

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