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Education law involves the practice of advocating for the rights of students, teachers, and educational institutions when it comes to creating new laws or enforcing or amending existing laws.

At its core, education law focuses on:

  • Ensuring that all children have access to school and school programs
  • Providing families with reliable, easy-to-understand information regarding education laws and policies
  • Continuously improving the educational environment in schools.

Given how important children’s education is to their future success and wellbeing, when their education is interrupted for any reason – such as when a child is unable to obtain the education he needs because a school cannot accommodate his special needs, it’s important that families seek the help of an experienced education law attorney who can aggressively stand up for their rights and assist them in obtaining the educational resources they need and deserve.

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Effective Education Law Counsel

At Andrews Ersoff & Zantello, our experienced Lincoln City education law lawyers have extensive experience at handling various matters of education law. We have in-depth knowledge of education law and ways to resolve disputes, conflicts, and other legal concerns.

Our team has successfully tackled education law-related cases involving:

  • Lack of special needs education at schools
  • Lack of handicap access at school facilities
  • Discrimination against special needs students
  • Issues related to a school’s alleged accreditation or awards
  • Disputes between families and school boards, teachers and school boards, etc.
  • Contract issues between teachers and school boards
  • Salary, benefits and/or tenure-related issues between teachers and school boards.

It’s important to note that we handle education law issues that can arise in both private and public schools, grade schools, colleges and universities.

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Matters related to education law need to be resolved with the utmost care to ensure that students’, families’ and teachers’ rights are properly protected and that the issue at hand is resolved as efficaciously as possible. Regardless of the age of a student, the special needs of a student or the nature of a dispute between a student and school (or a teacher and a school), our team at Andrews Ersoff & Zantello can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to protect your personal and professional interests.

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