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Disability law is a complex form of legislation that pertains to how people with disabilities must be treated by businesses, private and public. If you are a business owner that has been accused of violating disability law requirements, such as those listed through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you could stand to lose profits and your good reputation if you do not handle the matter efficiently. To eliminate the guesswork from your case, get in touch with our Lincoln City disability law attorneys from Andrews Ersoff & Zantello LLC.

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What the ADA Covers

ADA was established to prevent discrimination of all kinds against Americans with disabilities of all sorts and sources. By setting up a standardized set of laws that are backed by the United States Department of Justice, the ADA has created guidelines that employers, businesses, and service providers must follow, or else face serious penalties.

Examples of commonplace regulations set by the ADA include:

  • Wheelchair accessibility into structures
  • Subtitles on video presentations for the deaf
  • Braille text under important signs for the blind
  • Equal employment opportunities

Most business owners who are handed an ADA complaint never knew that they were in violation of a disability law at all. The nuances of the legislation are varied and slight yet specific things can trigger a violation. In some instances, the defendant is given a certain amount of time to correct the issue before any penalties are used. In other circumstances, the business owner or company controller is faced with a lawsuit immediately, sometimes called a drive-by ADA lawsuit. For reliable representation that keeps your best interests in mind, get our Lincoln City disability law attorneys on your side.

Honest Representation for Individuals

We understand that in many disability lawsuits, the rights and wellbeing of an individual person actually represents those of disabled persons across the country. When you suspect that an employer, business owner, or another third-party has violated your rights and disability laws, you can depend on us to take your case seriously. Through investigative measures and explorative analysis of what happened, we can use conference room negotiations or courtroom litigation to set things right again.

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