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Contracts are the cornerstones of most businesses, as they dictate the legal terms of the relationships and interactions between the business and other entities it deals with, including its employees, clients, vendors or suppliers, consultants, partners, landlords, etc. When contracts between a business and any of these parties are unclear, they can open up the door for contract disputes, the loss of a business’ revenue and possibly even expensive and lengthy litigation to resolve the issue in question.

As a result, it’s critical that business owners and managers:

  • Thoroughly review any contract before signing it
  • Have air-tight contracts in place to govern various relationships or transactions in which the business engages
  • Work with experienced contract lawyers to protect their interests and minimize the possibility of costly contract disputes.

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Contract-related matters need to be handled with the utmost care to avoid costly litigation or situations that may result in devastating consequences for a business. Whether you own and operate a small business or a limited liability corporation or you own or manage a large-scale corporation, the Lincoln City contract and business law lawyers at Andrews Ersoff & Zantello can provide you with the support and professional legal assistance necessary to develop and enforce contracts that will protect you and your business’ best interests.

Comprehensive Counsel for Business Contracts

Andrews Ersoff & Zantello is conveniently located in Lincoln City, Oregon. We provide contract law services to families and businesses in Lincoln County, Tillamook County, and the entire Oregon Coast.

Our lawyers have extensive experience overseeing various contract-related matters, including (but not limited to) issues associated with:

  • Negotiating contracts between businesses, between businesses and potential or existing employees, between businesses and government agencies, etc.
  • Drafting air-tight contracts that indemnify a business for all aspects of a transaction or relationship
  • Reviewing third-party contracts for any possible errors, loopholes or potential issues that may arise
  • Advising businesses on how to revise contracts to ensure they include all necessary protections
  • Enforcing the terms of an existing contract (whether or not the other party or entities who have signed the contract are in the U.S. or abroad)
  • Handling contract disputes in mediation, arbitration or trial proceedings.

We are dedicated to working closely with each of our corporate clients to ensure that they are fully protected.

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