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Attorney David Cramer of Andrews Ersoff & Zantello is a trusted and skilled arbitrator in Lincoln City with 5 years of experience as a pro tem judge of the Oregon Circuit Court, where he heard legal disputes of many different types.

If you’re in the middle of a difficult contract dispute, business disagreement, family law dispute, or civil claim, you can come to our law firm to conclude it through arbitration. When going to court would likely turn the situation out of your favor, arbitration can provide the correct alternative.

To talk to Attorney Cramer about arbitrating your case, call (541) 902-3044.

How Arbitration Processes Work

Arbitration is meant to avoid full-scale litigation but give more finality than mediation. Both parties and any of their representing attorneys will meet with the arbitrator in a private location, like a law office or conference room. The arbitrator acts as a neutral third party who hears arguments from both sides before making a final decision, much like a courtroom judge.

Your arbitrator – Attorney Cramer – will have the responsibility to:

  • Give each party a chance to explain their side of the situation
  • Review all presented evidence and ask for clarification as needed
  • Consider preexisting case law and applicable legal regulations
  • Make a conclusive decision one way or another

In many cases, the ruling of the arbitrator is binding, just like a court order. This might not always be the case, though, based on the conflict you are trying to resolve and its origin. Attorney David Cramer will explain whether or not his decision in your arbitration is binding, and what you can do if it is not and you disagree with the outcome.

Why Should You Choose Arbitration?

Much like mediation, arbitration can help all parties save time, money, and energy, compared to courtroom litigation. By removing legal obstacles from your case, you will likely feel less stressed by it, too. In turn, reduced stress can cause all parties to be less argumentative, lessening the amount of time lost on fruitless arguing.

Arbitration also keeps your legal conflict private. For sensitive matters that could harm your reputation or that of your business if it reached the public, arbitration is almost a must.

Use Arbitration Today, Find Peace of Mind Tomorrow

Stop wondering how your legal conflict will be resolved and start moving towards a conclusion with confidence thanks to our arbitration services in Lincoln City. When you come to our law firm to work with our arbitrator, you can take a breath and relax a little, knowing that a trusted and local legal professional is there to fairly resolve your conflict. To see if arbitration would work for your case, contact us today to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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