Isaac Ersoff

Isaac Ersoff, Esq.

Isaac Ersoff

Isaac Ersoff is a recognized legal authority who emphasizes all aspects of Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate Law, and Trust Administration for both our Bend and Lincoln offices. Since 1995, he has served variously as legal counsel, corporate counsel, expert witness, consultant, professor, and presenter - throughout the U.S. and Israel.

Estate Planning: Whether your estate is large or small, Isaac will create an Estate Plan tailored to your individual needs. Your Estate Plan may involve a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Advance Directive for Health Care, and/or a variety of other complex planning documents, but you can rest assured that no matter what your Estate Planning needs, Isaac will tailor the right plan for you.

Probate Law & Trust Administration: Isaac also has years of experience advising and representing the interests of families, heirs, beneficiaries, and personal representatives regarding how to settle all of the final affairs of someone who has died. Whether a deceased person's estate requires Probate, Trust Administration, or a simple Small Estate Affidavit, Isaac Ersoff and the law firm of Andrews Ersoff & Zantello are sought out as trusted advisers. Isaac and AEZ will take you through the entire process from start to finish.

Elder Law: Isaac advocates for the elderly and their loved ones. He can assist with important issues related to health care, long term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other matters. Isaac's years of experience as an Elder Law attorney make him your best choice for handling the challenging and sensitive emotional and physical needs of older or disabled adults.

Elder Abuse: Isaac stands up for elderly clients who cannot stand up for themselves. Isaac has years of experience working with clients and their families to prevent and redress Elder Abuse (which can take the form of physical abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, and/or emotional distress). If you are a victim, or if you suspect that an elderly person has been either abused or preyed upon financially, it is important to speak up and contact Isaac immediately.

You may find it interesting that Isaac is somewhat of a polymath. In addition to law, his background is extensive and diverse. He also has many years of experience in Education, Music, Religion, and pro-Israel advocacy. In his "first life," he attended the Eastman School of Music in the 1970s and played professionally with several symphonies and chamber ensembles. Crossing-over to electronic and experimental music, he was the bass player in Scraping Teeth, named "Worst Band in America" by SPIN Magazine in 1993.

From music, he moved to the field of Education, with professional experience as a professor, administrator, disabilities coordinator, and teacher in both the United States and Israel. He was also Director of Foreign Relations and Director of Research for the Israeli Learning Disabilities Association. His emphasis as a professional educator was in two areas: (1) Educational Program Development, Policy, and Reform; and (2) Special Education. For many years he was well-known, in the US and Israel, as an expert and presenter in the field of Special Education Law and Advocacy.

Isaac also put in his time in the corporate world. He served as in-house counsel for the Oregon Brewing Company (d/b/a "Rogue Ales"), then became manager of sales, and finally wound up as president of the spirits division.

. . . and that's not all . . .

Isaac is also intensely active with regard to religion and pro-Israel advocacy. He began with rabbinical studies, broadened to interfaith studies and history of religion, and is ordained as an Interfaith Minister (i.e., inclusive of all faiths). He has conducted extensive research in both the US and Israel on the histories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He has taught about the Mid-East at several universities, and continues to teach and make presentations about historical and modern aspects of these issues for religious and community organizations in both the US and Israel.

Isaac is married. He and his wife, Resa, moved to Oregon in 1992, lived on the Oregon Coast and in Central Oregon for 14 years, moved to Israel for 6 years, returned to the Oregon Coast in 2012, and now divide their time between Central Oregon and the Oregon Coast. Isaac was born in Miami, Florida, and Resa was born in Springfield, Missouri. Isaac earned his B.S.Ed from the University of Miami, his M.S.Ed. from Western Oregon University, and both a J.D. and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Willamette University College of Law.

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